Our materials


Our sustainable materials were carefully selected to create candles and packaging that created as little waste as possible. At Sette we go back to basics inspired by nature.

 Concrete base

We are very excited to have a base that in addition to fulfilling its function and providing aesthetics to the candle that can be reused mainly as a pot for succulents or any other function such as pencil holders, decoration and as many ways as you want to use it creating a positive impact and less waste to the environment.

 Natural fragrances

Our soy candles delicately perfume the environment even without lighting them, for two main reasons: the use of non-synthetic extracts and pure essential oils and their low melting point that better preserve the aroma, and release it more gently and more stable.

For us, the notes of our candles were a very important challenge and the basis of the entire project, for which we carefully chose each fragrance and merged them with each other in our studio to achieve that the seven essences transmitted a different memory and emotion.

 Soy wax base

For the wax we had it clear that we wanted it to be vegetable so we tried among all the options on the market and we liked the smoothness and fusion of the soy wax.

 Ecological wicks

We use ecological wood wicks and also reused cotton wicks that provide a warmth and pleasant experience when it is time to be lit.

Non-toxic ingredients

We want to give you the experience of lighting a toxic-free candle. Each of our candles is free of parabens and sulfates.


No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Sulfates
Cruelty Free