About Sette World

 Sette began in quarantine when a thousand ideas traveled through my mind, and the aromas were a constant inspiration day after day, from a freshly baked cake at home to share with my boy to the smell of rain that came from the window, and towards more bearable those autumn afternoons. 

 This idea arose from my love of remembering and longing for the smells that carry me. Searching the market, I did not find brands that shared the values ​​that I follow or adapted to the prices and essences that I wanted to convey. 

 After many mistakes and successes, many nights researching and studying the market, many hours in my kitchen trying fragrances, vegetable waxes of all kinds, searching for sustainable materials and friends testing the candles and supporting me, Sette was born.   Sette is inspired by modern Nordic designs and closer essences such as the vanilla cake baked by my aunt, to the smell of the Caribbean Sea that was my closest neighbor. I also remember the spring smell of Madrid that welcomed me with open arms, I fell in love and even invited me to have a drink of Aperol Spritz on that terrace among the smiles of my friends. There are as many experiences as smells that have accompanied me and have made me the woman that I am.

 Sette is a combination of many aspects that define and excite me: smells, home, memories, environmental sustainability, self-improvement and above all, enjoying the aroma of each moment.  

 These candles are made with my own hands in small batches, poured with love and care so as not to create waste in a small home studio. It still amazes me to think that it all started in a 10-meter kitchen but with a very big dream.   As Sette's creator, I'm in charge of making the concrete molds, pouring the wax, creating content, answering your emails, keeping my brand as sustainable and organic as possible; That is why we use reusable molds, organic soy wax, ecological wooden wicks as well as a totally recyclable packaging, trying to leave the least impact on the environment.   

 The spirit of Sette is my desire to create something with genuine love that I can offer with my own hands.   If you made it here, thank you for joining us and I hope you enjoy this exciting journey that is just beginning. I appreciate your support and remember you can contact me at any time by settecandle@gmail.com or any other digital platform.     


With love, Katteryng.